Eric de Bruijn CPC graduated in the Education Pension Law at the VU in Amsterdam. The graduation thesis was about Pension and Divorce, under the provocative title: De Wet Boon van Loon. To download here:

De wet Boon van Loon

The developments in the pension field are going fast. As a result, a mandatory WFT permit has been issued for consultants who are involved in advising on pension schemes. We are ready for that. In fact, we have been involved in the development of training courses around this license requirement.

Eric de Bruijn Pensioenconsultancy is a professional advisory organization. The management of pension plans is also done. Continuously or through a yearly audit. 

And of course pension communication is very important. We use

A comprehensive actuarial software package has been purchased to enable all projections of pension costs to be made in the future. This means an employer for whom he also chooses financially. The legislator expects that a consultant can also provide this kind of guidance.

In order to be able to provide good advice to the investment side with the defined contribution scheme, but also with average pay schemes, for example via a General Pension Fund, we use a tool that makes it possible to compare and assess the various Life Cycles of all pension providers from 2,000 economic scenarios. Or the investment side of a General Pension Fund.

This package also ensures that we operate in all areas in accordance with the WFT in the field of file formation and recording.

The Pension Communication Act gives obligations to the pension provider, but certainly also to the employers. They have a duty to provide employees with extensive information about the current pension scheme.

This is not only the case with the so-called Life Events, such as entering and leaving employment, value transfer, marriage, divorce, death, incapacity for work, etc. But new employees must also have taken note of the applicable pension scheme before they sign the employment contract. That requires a lot from the employer.

Our agency has developed an online communication tool under its own name "". Some 80 employers are already using this tool. It is possible for an intermediary to offer a proprietary tool via a white label.

The tool is still being expanded and improved. With the aim: Compliance and duty of care for employers for employees.